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     z_path:files_subdir(filename:join("zmr_repos", z_convert:to_list(RepoId)), Context).
 repo_source(RepoId, Context) ->
-    m_rsc:p(RepoId, zmr_repository_path, Context).
+    m_rsc:p(RepoId, zmr_repository_url, Context).
 get_cmd(RepoId, Context, [Op|Vars]) when is_atom(Op) ->
     OpProp = case Op of
 	 {title, <<"Mercurial (hg)">>},
 	 {zmr_command, <<"hg">>},
 	 {zmr_arg_clone, <<"clone --noupdate $source $target">>},
-	 {zmr_arg_log, <<"log">>}
+	 {zmr_arg_log, <<"log">>},
+	 {zmr_log_re, <<"">>}
 	 {zmr_command, <<"git">>},
 	 {zmr_arg_clone, <<"clone --no-checkout $source $target">>},
 	 {zmr_arg_log, <<"log">>}
+	 {zmr_log_re, <<"">>}
 	 {title, <<"mod_zmr">>},
 	 {summary, <<"The Module for ZMR itself.">>},
 	 {body, <<"Zotonic Modules Repository (zmr) is a server for hosting releases of zotonic modules.">>},
-	 {zmr_repository_path, <<"">>}
+	 {zmr_repository_url, <<"">>}
 %       {zmr_default_release,
 m_to_list(#m{value={repo_log, Log}}=M, _Context) ->
     [M#m{value={repo_log_entry, Entry}} || Entry <- Log];
+m_to_list(#m{value={repo_log_entry, Entry}}, _Context) ->
+    Entry;
 m_to_list(_, _) ->


 <fieldset class="admin-form">
 <div class="form-item clearfix">
-<label for="zmr_repository_path">{_ Repository path _}</label>
-<input id="zmr_repository_path" type="text" name="zmr_repository_path" value="{{ r.zmr_repository_path }}" style="width: 80%" />
+<label for="zmr_repository_url">{_ Repository URL _}</label>
+<input id="zmr_repository_url" type="text" name="zmr_repository_url" value="{{ r.zmr_repository_url }}" style="width: 80%" />
 <div id="repo_status">
 {% if m.zmr.repo[id].exist %} 


 				<input id="zmr_arg_log" type="text" name="zmr_arg_log" value="{{ r.zmr_arg_log }}" style="width: 80%" />
+			<div class="form-item clearfix">
+				<label for="zmr_log_re">{_ Log Parser (Regular Expression, PCRE) _}</label>
+				<input id="zmr_log_re" type="text" name="zmr_log_re" value="{{ r.zmr_log_re }}" style="width: 80%" />
+			</div>
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