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Filename Size Date modified Message
scala-misc [82a9eb59dae2]
347 B
sbt build
56 B
scala-misc subrepository
52 B
there is no getChar
90 B
Added tag 0.3 for changeset eb4fc0e7ca81
1.5 KB
685 B
mention PostgreSQL SEQUENCE in NEWS file
266 B
fix documentation
125 B
[svn r856] better script name
9.2 KB
enable -Xwarninit (Scala 2.8 behaviour changed)
340 B
[svn r614] add some scripts for simple use. Add dist for run without compile
473 B
368 B
1.0 KB
demo.sh -- script demonstrates mysql-diff capabilities
340 B
increase memory limit for Ant when building debian package
2.4 KB
use scala release
815 B
move code to scala-misc library
107 B
[svn r1173] alow scripts to be executed from any location
107 B
[svn r1173] alow scripts to be executed from any location
112 B
[svn r870] invoke parser
106 B
[svn r891] query interface (for debugging), comment for default values for strings
34 B
[svn r1032] usefull symlink
678 B
fix -Xss parameter
116 B
fix documentation
263 B
[svn r879] script to upload to svn
288 B
version.sh include commit date and revision hash
MySQL diff project

To build dist:
ant dist

To run all unit tests:
ant run-tests

To run tool:
./mysql-diff.sh source target

To run simple test
compares ./src/test/sql/simple_from.sql to ./src/test/sql/simple_to.sql

To run complex demo: