JOSM presets for Thailand


This archive contains presets for the OpenStreetMap Editor JOSM which are considered useful for mapping in Thailand.

The selection of presets is based on my experience of what is useful and on feedback from other mappers. The tagging style used is based on established standards. But keep in mind that it is nothing authoritative.

Download & Installation

The presets are automatically build and tested after every commit using Bitbucket Pipelines. After a successful build/test an updated version is automatically available at


To install it in JOSM add this URL to the presets in Preferences/Map Settings/Tagging Presets using the "plus" button on the right hand side.


Open Preferences/Advanced preferences/Presets/Add preset and add this URL and the name "Thai Presets".


A git repository of this preset is available at

You can use the issue tracker on that site to send me bug reports or requests for enhancements.

Maven is supported for XML validation and packaging:

mvn xml:validate
mvn test
mvn assembly:single

Icon sources

These are the sources of the icons used. Logos and trademarks are only used for identifying the brand in the tagging presets in a low-resolution variant on a fair-use basis. Logos of the features belong to the companies.

If you don't want your file/logo used here, please let me know:

Additional images are:

office-building icon

CC-BY-SA 3.0

fuel vending machine

CC-BY-SA 4.0,_Thailand.jpg

Flag of Thailand

Public Domain,

convenience, fuel, dollar, bank, atm, car, motorbike, restaurant

Preset icons from JOSM repository for consistent representation of presets. Images are GPL v2 or newer

Image compression

To have a small file size all logos are reduced to 64px by 64px and then saved as a paletted png with optimized compression. File name is value of main key and name of feature. For example "fuel_PTT.png".

pngquant.exe --speed=1 --quality=65-80 -v shop_7eleven.png
TruePNG.exe /o max shop_bigc-fs8.png
PNGZopfli.exe shop_7eleven-fs8.png 1000