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Add pop=4 for generic file browsing and selection

  1. Ahmad Khayyat

When pop=4, the file selection column appears, but clicking the select icon does nothing (href="#"). Instead, the opener should catch the event and grab the value of the rel attribute, which is populated by the selected file's URL.

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  1. Ahmad Khayyat author

    I think this can also be used by the image field of the gallery page, for a more consistent experience.

    If it is to be used by other client apps, then perhaps the client javascript that launches the browser should be moved to this app?

    That javascript defines a function, browseMediaLibrary, that either returns null or the path of the selected image/file. A client app, such as the gallery page, just needs to call the function and handle the return value. This way, client apps need not know about the media library url, and can probably provide the type of files they want to browse as an additional argument to the browseMediaLibrary function. (It currently loads images onlly.)