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Created by Stephen McDonald


Gamblor is a real-time casino app built for the 2012 Django Dash.

The idea was to provide a plugin system for games that can be played collaboratively in real-time using WebSockets, and to that end Gamblor was successful.

Check out the deployed version at http://gamblor.jupo.org.


Here are some of the highlights that were implemented over the 48 hours of the Dash:

  • Simple plugin system for adding games with their own turn arguments, template, JavaScript and CSS files.
  • Initial games implemented are simple versions of Roulette and Craps.
  • Real-time avatars, controlled by arrow keys - walk around the game room and bash into your friends.
  • Authentication by Twitter or Facebook - profile photo is then used as the head of your avatar.
  • Chat system - talk to other avatars, messages are displayed above each avatar in real-time.
  • Gambling! Each user starts with $5000 and can bet against each game, simply drag chips onto a game to bet.
  • Interface is almost entirely CSS - chips use 3D transforms and dashed borders.

Game Engine

Games plug straight into Gamblor and consist of a handful of interfaces, the primary one being the core.game.Game base class:

  • Game.Form - defines the form class for the game, allowing arguments to be passed into each turn.
  • Game.bet - handles each person betting, and any args provided by the game's form.
  • Game.turn - implements the rules for a turn of the game.
  • Game.outcome - called at the end of each turn for each player, with their betting args passed in, and returns a value to multiply their bet by, which would be zero for a loss.

Other interfaces for each game are:

  • templates/games/<game-name>.html - template that renders the game visibly.
  • static/css/games/<game-name>.css - stylesheet for the game.
  • static/js/games/<game-name>.cjs - any JavaScript for the game, that can implement custom game effects, as well as betting handlers for the game.


As a one-man team for the first time in three years, this year was particularly gruelling! Here's a list of things I wanted to do, but fell short of time:

  • Show chips dropped onto games.
  • Add collision detection between avatars.
  • Show actual amounts won and loss to all users.
  • Show players who are in a particular game.
  • Implement all the rules for Roulette and Craps.
  • Let users drag chips onto each other to share money.
  • Provide ways of getting more money (share on Twitter, random handouts).
  • Sound effects!
  • Walking animations for avatars.
  • Animated dice for Craps.