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 from pypy.objspace.std.mapdict import IndexCache
 from pypy.rlib import rposix
 def internal_repr(space, w_object):
     return space.wrap('%r' % (w_object,))
-def isfake(space, w_obj):
-    """Return whether the argument is faked (stolen from CPython). This is
-    always False after translation."""
-    if we_are_translated():
-        return space.w_False
-    return space.wrap(bool(w_obj.typedef.fakedcpytype))
-    #return space.wrap(bool(getattr(w_obj.typedef, 'fakedcpytype', None)))
 def interp_pdb(space):
     """Run an interp-level pdb.
     import pdb
 def method_cache_counter(space, name):
     """Return a tuple (method_cache_hits, method_cache_misses) for calls to