mino-pypy / pypy / translator / c / src / thread.h

Diff from to


-/* #ifdef logic from CPython */
 #ifndef __PYPY_THREAD_H
 #define __PYPY_THREAD_H
 #include <assert.h>
 #endif /* !_WIN32 */
-#ifdef USE___THREAD
-#define RPyThreadStaticTLS                  __thread void *
-#define RPyThreadStaticTLS_Create(tls)      NULL
-#define RPyThreadStaticTLS_Get(tls)         tls
-#define RPyThreadStaticTLS_Set(tls, value)  tls = value
-#ifndef RPyThreadStaticTLS
-#define RPyThreadStaticTLS             RPyThreadTLS
-#define RPyThreadStaticTLS_Create(key) RPyThreadTLS_Create(key)
-#define RPyThreadStaticTLS_Get(key)    RPyThreadTLS_Get(key)
-#define RPyThreadStaticTLS_Set(key, value) RPyThreadTLS_Set(key, value)
-char *RPyThreadTLS_Create(RPyThreadTLS *result);
 long RPyGilAllocate(void);
 long RPyGilYieldThread(void);
 void RPyGilRelease(void);
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