mino-pypy / pypy / translator / backendopt / ssa.py

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Alex Gaynor avatarAlex Gaynor
general cleanup of random stuff in backendopt
Carl Friedrich Bolz avatarCarl Friedrich Bolz
kill flatten, which is useless nowadays
Anders Chrigström avatarAnders Chrigström
(arigo, arre) Oops, forgotten to check in this.
Anders Chrigström avatarAnders Chrigström
(arigo, arre) Merging from branch:
Armin Rigo avatarArmin Rigo
Improve translator.simplify.remove_identical_vars() to find and eliminate
Christian Tismer avatarChristian Tismer
changed Variable() a little bit to use numbering per distinct name.
Armin Rigo avatarArmin Rigo
Introduced a directory 'tool/algo/' for the algorithmic modules. It's a good
Armin Rigo avatarArmin Rigo
(pedronis, arigo)
Armin Rigo avatarArmin Rigo
Rewrote the data_flow_families() algorithm, which seems to consume a lot of
Armin Rigo avatarArmin Rigo
Several subtle bug fixes with the graph transformations:
Armin Rigo avatarArmin Rigo
* Removed underscores from directory and file names.
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