hstee		Haskell version of Unix tee utility

Chip Camden	May, 2011

This little program implements the standard tee utility

Usage: tee [-ai] files...
  -a  --append  append instead of overwrite
  -i  --ignore  ignore user interrupt

Its chief purpose was to help me learn more thoroughly
about Haskell's IO module (and reading the code might help
you to do the same), but it has the added benefit of
producing a native-compiled version of tee for any platform
on which Haskell is supported (including one very popular
operating system from my home state of Washington, from which
the authors saw fit to exclude any equivalent of tee).

To build this little utility:

1. Install Haskell, if you haven't already.  On FreeBSD, it's
   in the ports (lang/ghc).  Otherwise, see:

2. In the hstee project directory, type:

   ghc --make tee

3. On Unixish systems, the resulting executable doesn't give
   you anything that /usr/bin/tee doesn't, but on Windows you
   might want to copy tee.exe to some handy spot along your