LICENSE: This work has been placed into the Public Domain by Michael
Kennett (July 2005), and may be freely used by anybody for any purpose
whatsoever. No warranty, of any kind, applies to this work.

** Sudoku Installation Notes (Unix/Minix)

As the root user, or with the appropriate permissions, type:

    $ make install

This will compile and install the sudoku program into /usr/bin,
install the manpage into /usr/man/man6, and the template file
into /usr/lib/sudoku. It is necessary to edit the Makefile if
you want to install the program into a different location, or
on some systems, to set an alternative path for the man page.

Under Minix it is recommended that /etc/termcap be edited to
add 'bell' capability (see termcap(5)). This can be done by
adding a record for 'bl' in the minix console entry:

    mx|minix|minix console:\
        :bl=^G:\                       <<<< ADD THIS

** Sudoku Installation Notes (Windows)

The source distribution provides Microsoft Visual Studio (v6) project
files, along with a simple NMAKE makefile suitable for the Microsoft
compilers. The distribution does not include makefiles for other
compilers (e.g. Borland, Open Watcom, etc...), but you should have no
difficulty in using these compilers.

The Microsoft Visual Studio files are contained in the VC6 subdirectory,
and the workspace file is VC6\sudoku.dsw. Open the workspace, and compile
the project.

Alternatively, from the command line, enter:

    > nmake /f Makefile.msc

to build the program.

Note that there is no install script for the Windows distribution, and
the program is configured to search for the template file, at runtime,
in the current working directory of the process.