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Supertopo Killfile

A userscript that allows blocking of users and threads on


This user script requires Greasemonkey. Install it before continuing.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install the killfile script by visiting the source page and clicking on the Raw button.
  2. You will be prompted to install the script

Install User Script

Blocking Users

The script inserts elements into both the main forum index and thread pages.

In the main forum index, (x) is inserted to the left of the screen name in the author column:

Main Forum Index

On the thread pages, block user is inserted below the screen name:

Thread Page

Clicking either of those elements adds the user to the killfile and removes the thread or post respectively.

Blocking Threads

Similarly, you can block threads by clicking the (x) inserted to the right of the topic link

Blocking a Thread

Viewing/Editing of the stored killfile

Users and threads added to the killfile are stored in HTML5 Local Storage. At some point, I'll add some UI to allow the viewing/editing of the stored values but for now, there are a few options.

Note that local storage is domain specific, so you must have the front-most browser window/tab open to a page on to view/edit the local storage.

Firefox Console

Firefox has a built in console that will allow you to view the stored values. To open the console on the Mac, Tools -> Web Developer -> Web Console (or Command + Option + K keyboard shortcut). On Windows, Firefox -> Web Developer -> Web Console (or Control + Shift + K).

In the prompt at the bottom of the window, type localstorage and hit enter.

Firefox Console

Then click on [object Storage]

Firefox Console

This will open a window where you can see the stored values:

Firefox Console


If you have Firebug installed, bring up the Firebug panel (right-clicking on the page and selecting Inspect Element with Firebug is probably the easiest way), select the DOM tab, then type localstorage into the searchbox. Click on the disclosure triangle next to localstorage to expand the entries. Double-clicking on an entry will allow you to edit. Right-click and select Delete Property to clear the stored values.


Disabling the killfile script

If you want to temporarily disable the script, you can do that through the Greasemonkey menu in the toolbar:

Disable Script

The script is also not run on forum search pages.


To remove the script permanently, select Tools -> Greasemonkey -> Manage User Scripts

Manage Scripts