is-solver / siman_solve /


## this reflects some newer moments

export PATH=$PATH:/home/stevejb/myhg/is-solver

./nm_solve_smmddw --rho=0.76 --sigma_v=0.1 --a=0.08 --gamma=0.003370 --s=0.0077 --lambda_1=-2.407946 --lambda_2=-5.809143 --theta=0.7880 --prefix=/mnt/eph0/smm_ddw_loglambdas --momentlist='mean_inv,var_inv,inv_3rd_central,mean_lev,var_lev,mean_opr_income,ser_cor,var_opr_income_innov,mean_tobins_q,mean_equity_issuance,var_equity_issuance,mean_cash_bal' --datamoments='0.101982512990753,0.00525221237387688,0.000374579386447437,0.27982121020644,0.0421828100326982,0.15063836004174,0.787670022970381,0.00276892608293018,2.11157939893646,0.0139092966268079,0.00180157753219826,0.0718037584001413' --gmm_weight_matrix=moments3_ddw_gmmweights.csv

# result
# Solved:
#   rho=0.782336, sigma_v=0.018632, a=0.100353, gamma=0.001465, s=0.027273, lambda_1=-2.382303, lambda_2=-5.776427, theta=0.817266
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