Yuya Nishihara avatar Yuya Nishihara committed 07aa66e

update: have RepoWidget select bookmark by default

It seems more common to activate bookmark by update. In order to update to
revision with no bookmark, they can select revision number from combo box.

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     def updateToRevision(self):
-        dlg = update.UpdateDialog(self.repo, self.rev, self)
+        ctx = self.repo[self.rev]
+        bookmarks = ctx.bookmarks()
+        if ctx in self.repo.parents():
+            # keep bookmark unchanged when updating to current rev
+            if self.repo._bookmarkcurrent in bookmarks:
+                rev = self.repo._bookmarkcurrent
+            else:
+                rev = self.rev
+        else:
+            # more common switching bookmark, rather than deselecting it
+            if bookmarks:
+                rev = bookmarks[0]
+            else:
+                rev = self.rev
+        dlg = update.UpdateDialog(self.repo, rev, self)
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