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Wrote more on content analysis intro.

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 Content analysis is a technique deployed by information architects for helping
 them generate a sound and wellstructured website architecture. It consists of
 two phases: collection of a representative sample of data and an analysis of
-this content.
+this content. In it's essence a content analysis should indentify the various
+relationships (or lack of correlation) between a website's content items.
+Instead of using content analysis as a means for improving on an existing
+site's content architecture I'll be tailoring this technique to best help me
+discover and understand social navigation patterns in infamous websites which
+are known to make good use of such navigational designs. This means that I'll
+concentrate on only core content objects and relationships amongs them
+which are organically generated -- relationships which are made as part of
+past users behaviour that can be leveraged by other users as a social form
+of navigation.
+A high-level mapping of the content and it's various relationships
+will be carried out after having performed the low-level content inventory
+and the subsequent analysis of these findings.