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mfc71 created an issue

when using jaws 11 it keeps saying update received. The only way to stop this is to switch to jaws 10. I don't want to do this.

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  1. Shane Davidson repo owner
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    MFC71; In order for us to have any hope of resolving your issue, we need more specific information. The information you provided gives us nothing except a version of JAWS, and that it keeps saying update received. things like. What were you doing to cause this to happen?W Can you reproduce it with the latest JAWS or any other screen reader? Are their any errors in error.log that will help us troubleshoot this issue? The more information you can provide the easier it is for us to resolve your issue. Thank you. Shane Davidson

  2. mfc71 reporter

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    Ok This only happens with jaws 11. That is my currently highest = authorized jaws version. It happens mostly when I am sending a tweet or = retweeting something. I am not sure what else to say other then it = confuses me. I am going to attach the error log being it looked like = there were a lot in there and I don't know much about this stuff. What = happens is I will send a new tweet or something and jaws wil keep = repeating update received and there is no way to stop it. Until I shut = down jaws 11 and switch versions.=20

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  3. Shane Davidson repo owner

    MFC71; We apologize for the delay in responding to this issue. The logs never arrived and weren't attached to this issue. As we have tested this with the same JAWS version as listed and cannot reproduce it, we must suspect it's a configuration problem with that particular JAWS version. This issue has been marked as invalid. If you come up with more information that prooves it's not a JAWS issue, please let us know by reopening this issue.

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