When running from source, buffer templates are reset to defaults

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Issue #12 on hold
Andre Polykanine created an issue


When running TwitMonger from source, buffer templates reset to defaults. Steps to repro:

Run TwitMonger from source. Be sure you have an account.

Press Ctrl+Win+O to enter the Twitter configuration.

Go to the Templates tab.

Change the generic buffer template to my preferred setting, which is: $if(audio){audio }$if(geo){geo } $screen_name: $message.

Click Ok to apply the settings.

Unload TwitMonger by pressing Ctrl+Win+F4. Confirm if needed.

Relaunch TwitMonger, still from sources.

Result: the buffer configuration is not honored. Thanks!

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  1. Shane Davidson repo owner
    • changed status to open

    we've gone ahead and assigned this to someone for review and resolution. Thank you for the bug. We'll be honest, it's difficult to reproduce here. some of our systems it happens on, others it doesn't. We know what it's not doing? but since it's not actually generating an error when it does it? It's a difficult issue to resolve. But know we are working on it, and we thank you for your patience.

  2. Tyler Kavanaugh

    I can't figure out why this happens, but I have a workaround for you that *might* work: Wait about 3-5 minutes before closing Twitmonger. It's possible that this has to do with the interval at which the configuration file is written to disk, but this will require some more investigation.

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