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Issue #15 resolved
santiagoblue7 created an issue

Hello everyone, I currently have Twit-monger and Qwitter 5. I also have 20 favorites on my Twitter account. It appears that everytime Twit-monger checks for favorites, they keep multiplying. I thought it was a bug with Twitter itself but it turns out that it isn't. Qwitter 5 loads the favorites just fine and they don't multiply. Could you try fixing this please?w

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  1. Kevan

    Not sure if they "multiply".

    When I load my favorites, it pulls the favorites but doesn't make sure the buffer was clear. For example, let's say I have 20 favorites. I dismiss the buffer and reload, and I have 40 now, the same set but twice.

  2. Tyler Kavanaugh

    Resolves the issue of followers, friends, and favorites buffers duplicating themselves by setting the buffers' "updatable" flag to false. One side effect of this is that you will have to close and then re-open the buffer to pull in any new items. Closes #15


  3. Kevan
    • changed status to open
    • changed milestone to 0.4

    Still not completely fixed. If there are favorites in the buffer and you close without clearing it, they just double the next time you reopen the buffer.

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