Accessible Output not being properly referenced, prevents compilation.

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Issue #2 resolved
James Homuth created an issue

Accessible Output is located in both python27/lib/site-packages and in src. should not be throwing the following error, but it is. Can be reproduced on multiple systems, multiple OS's, multiple architectures. Filed as a blocker due to its preventing any production releases until its resolution.

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  1. Shane Davidson repo owner

    note their are other inharrent issues in these also are preventing compilation.

  2. Shane Davidson repo owner

    minor work on the setup files, more work to come. Cleaned up out of date code from the inno installer, among other minor changes refs #2b63c99d56f14

  3. James Homuth reporter

    Adding dependencies missing from src. Deals with missing accessible_output among others, produces secondary issue re: sound_lib to be looked into throughout today. Ref #2


  4. James Homuth reporter

    Adding those dependencies fixes the compile issue, but breaks startup. Version conflict, perhaps? Further testing will be required. Thank god we've got time before release. Just throwing it out there. Accessible_output and sound_lib, now dead. Test and break things at will. ref #2


  5. Shane Davidson repo owner

    removed skype, bing, google voice and solona dependencies from dependencies directory since we're no longer supporting those. Hi, we're a twitter client, thanks. Added stable releases of sound_lib and accessible_output to the src directory. This means you can uninstall those from your system. Note this does not work under XP, well, personally because XP sucks donkey ass but you didn't here that from me. XP only looks in the python directory and isn't smart enough to check the directory where the python script is running from. Hey, that's brilliant, except for that part where it's not. rrefs #2


  6. James Homuth reporter

    Changes abound.

    • License.txt copied from ../doc to the new documentation folder. Again, this makes innosetup happy. Which in turn makes me happy.
    • Modified twitmonger.iss to take into account new documentation location. It assumed documentation was in $sourcedir/twitmonger/documentation. It isn't. It now exists in $sourcedir, because the headache that would be caused by doing it the other way cannot be cured by caffeine.
    • I may need to tweak slightly as a result of file structure moves. That happens after sleep.
    • Added issproc.dll and issproclanguage.ini to src. Innosetup needs them, per the script we're using. Delete them and die.
    • This thing now compiles. It's dirty, and it probably breaks in a few places, but we get an executeable program out of it. I may have imported some things that aren't required. They're not installed on this system, at least, and the source still runs. Again, to be fixed after I've had a decent amount of sleep, unless Shane or someone wants a shot at it.
    • This basicly, albeit not cleanly, fixes #2, mostly. Will reopen when I retackle compilation issues. Again, unless someone else wants to.
    • This developer is officially out of service. Please call again.


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