Keyboard Help Doesn't Work

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Issue #21 on hold
Ahiiron created an issue

STR: 1. Ctrl-windows-shift-k for Keyboard Help; 2. Twitmonger announces "Keyboard help on" but all subsequent commands get executed rather than the help message being spoken. 3. Ctrl-windows-shift-k again to toggle it off, Twitmonger will still report "Keyboard help on"

Notes: Tested with 0.3 binary on XP and 7.

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  1. Shane Davidson repo owner

    as this issue can easily be gotten around by looking in keyboard manager, ctrl+win+k or opening the readily available documentation, this issue has been placed on hold and may at the discression of this applications' administration be closed as the feature in question may be removed before a 1.0 release. Thanks.

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