Multiple accounts intermittently disable keyboard control

Issue #24 open
Menelion Elensúlë
created an issue

Hello, This is a long-standing issue, even from Qwitter times.

Steps to repro (approximately, since it's intermittent and really hard to find a scenario):

Launch TwitMonger. Make sure you have an account.

Press Ctrl+Shift+Win+N. Create another account.

Do something within this account, such as post a tweet.

Press Ctrl+Shift+Win+LeftArrow.

Result: keystrokes are not available anymore, besides Ctrl+Win+arrows. Rest of the key combinations keep silence (JAWS, for instance, just announces, say, Ctrl+Win+L, and TwitMonger does nothing).

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  1. Tyler Kavanaugh

    This is a rather non-specific/intermittent error. A lot of times, errors coming from are due to a dialog being cancelled, but I can't figure out why the multiple accounts would cause us to lose keyboard control.

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