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Andre Polykanine created an issue

Hello, It would be nice if TwitMonger had an ability to attach audio to tweets. I think, recording from microphone is not too crucial if it's complicate to implement. As for service choice, there are some that give out their API to developers (for example, http://divshare.com/). It might be not the greatest one for TwitMonger goals, but still. Thanks!

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  1. Shane Davidson repo owner

    hello; At this time, attaching audio is not going to be placed into the program. the #audio hashtag is available for those who wish to have audio playable in the client, and you are able to pick where your audio goes. Adding attachment of audio from within the client will detract from the goals of this client at this time. If at some point in the future this changes, this idea will be reopened. Thank you for your suggestion.

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