InReplyFrom and InReplyTo work too slowly

Issue #27 invalid
Menelion Elensúlë
created an issue

Steps to reproduce:

Start TwitMonger. Be sure you have an account.

On any tweet press either Alt+Win+UpArrow or Alt+Win+DownArrow.

Result: any reaction follows after 5 — 7 seconds or so. I could provide logs and/or perform any testing routine if needed. Thanks!

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  1. Tyler Kavanaugh

    This is a longstanding issue that has been around ever since we switched over to y_serial for the database. Do you have any possible solutions, judging from your running from/exploration of the source?

  2. Menelion Elensúlë reporter

    Sorry, I'm not a Python programmer, unfortunately. My languages are JavaScript, Php, MySql... and Html and Css, of course, since I'm a web developer.

    But I'm not afraid to dig into a file and, say, change some lines or try to identify errors or exceptions, if there are any. And, if you don't know, I'm the author of the Russian translation :-).

    So I am eager to be helpful as far as I can.


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