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I have tested this on my win xp sp3 machine both with and without twitmonger starting automatically with windows. Each time twitmonger starts, it says an update has been downloaded and installed and that I need to restart the program. Something also pops up in my systray called bootstrap.exe. It seems only to be a menu with two options. "Script paused" is checked and there is an exit option. I cannot uncheck the pause, but I can exit the bootstrap program. Twitmonger continues to run, but if I follow the update instructions and restart the program, it does the same thing again with giving me the update alert and causing the bootstrap thing to pop up. I have learned that bootstrap is a legit windows file, but exactly what it does or what it has to do with twitmonger, I still don't know. I'm no computer guru. If there is a window with text in it to explain the problem further, I cannot find it or read it with JAWS 10.

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    I did before reading this email and that seems to have solved it. Will have to wait and see if it pops up again on the next update.

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