Wrong storage system is being used, causes lag on buffer updates

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This new storage system is the same one used in Qwitter 5.0 beta 5, the one that causes lags on buffer updates.

Could Twitmonger switch to a storage system like the one in Qwitter 4.5.1 or The Qube? Those work [perfectly as far as I know.

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  1. Shane Davidson repo owner

    We're aware of the stability issues, but at the moment, we needed to get the minor bugs present in 0.4 out of the system. We're actively looking at improving the storage system as time progresses.

  2. James Homuth

    This isn't really a make or break issue, as the program still runs. Adjusting priority to Minor while we figure it out. Will be testing database structures over the next few weeks, just as soon as we identify breaking points.

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