Audio links not playing with ALT Control Enter

Issue #45 resolved
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Steps to reproduce. 1. Locate a tweet containing a link to an audio MP3 file. I can always provide a test tweet if required. 2. Press alt control enter. expectation: the audio tweet should begin to play. Result: You are just presented with the Save/Open dialog within Windows to save or open the file.

Brian Hartgen

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  1. Shane Davidson repo owner
    • changed component to Interface
    • changed version to 0.5
    • changed milestone to 0.6

    Brian; The only links that may not play internally are q-audio links, as that service was discontinued. Also, if the tweet does not contain the #audio hashtag the link will not play. Can you be more specific? Have you tested this from source if possible? Currently, the source tree is the exact same as the binary release, and we can't reproduce this issue. Can you provide more specifics? Thanks.

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