Filtered Buffers Not Working

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Issue #5 duplicate
Tyler Kavanaugh created an issue

Filtered buffers have all of a sudden totally stopped working with the switch to y_serial. Before, when you created a buffer using a regular expression, it worked. Now, it doesn't, and instead it goes boom, like this:

Fri Oct 21, 2011 17:33:44 core.sessions.buffers.main ERROR: Unable to initialize an instance of buffer.<class 'core.sessions.buffers.buffers.filtered.Filtered'> Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\twitmonger\src\core\sessions\buffers\", line 119, in register_buffer new = type(name=name, session=self, args, kwargs) File "C:\twitmonger\src\core\sessions\buffers\buffers\", line 24, in init super(Filtered, self).init(*args, kwargs) File "C:\twitmonger\src\core\sessions\buffers\buffers\", line 12, in init super(Dismissable, self).init(session, args, **kwargs) File "C:\twitmonger\src\core\sessions\storage\buffers\", line 24, in init self.extend(data) File "C:\twitmonger\src\core\sessions\buffers\buffers\", line 116, in extend return super(Filtered, self).extend(answer) File "C:\twitmonger\src\core\sessions\storage\buffers\", line 83, in extend self.update_rapid_cache() File "C:\twitmonger\src\core\sessions\storage\buffers\", line 129, in update_rapid_cache for key in self.rapid_access_cache: TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable

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