Twitmonger can not connect with twitter.

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Issue #52 resolved
manuelcortez created an issue

Some days ago, twitmonger has not connects with twitter. It was caused for the unavailability of the URL that this application used in the wait_for_availability function. When it has called from the file src/session/twitter/, the URL ( returns a 404 Error, and the application has been blocked the client.

I replaced the URL with the URL of the main page of twitter, then, in the src/session/twitter/, the call to this function is as follow, in the line 229: def check_twitter_connection (self): #Block until we can connect to Twitter. self.wait_for_availability(url='', message=_("Unable to connect to twitter. %s will retry until connection is established.") %

So, I compiled the software and it works again. I hope you can put it in the master branch

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