Error in accessibleOutput wit NVDA

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Issue #53 new
manuelcortez created an issue

In the module accessibleOutput an error is caused when text is passed to NVDa, because this function has tried decode text in unicode, but in non-English systems, as my case, the text passed to NVDA is encoded in utf-8 and in the application also is used this character encoding. I will send the patch later (in 6 or 8 hours).

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  1. Shane Davidson repo owner

    Patching things out is throwing errors as reported by another coder. I'm working on figuring out why we can't apply patches.

  2. manuelcortez reporter

    If you can not apply the first patch that I send in the Issue 52, is because the format is incorrect. The patches with extension .diff has been tested in my machine, and they can modify the files.

    You should do "patch src/path/to/the/ patch.diff" to apply the patch. I don't know where is the accessibleOutput code.

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