Filtered Buffers: Interaction is Broken

Issue #7 resolved
Tyler Kavanaugh
created an issue

If you try to type "" in the filter dialog and hit OK, the buffer is created. However, when you try to interact with an audio link in the filtered buffer, you get this error:

Fri Nov 04, 2011 16:29:36 core.sessions.hotkey ERROR: Error executing function %r Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\twitmonger\src\core\sessions\hotkey\", line 87, in execute_interface_function func() File "<string>", line 6, in wrapper File "C:\twitmonger\src\core\sessions\buffers\", line 305, in Interact buffer.interact(index) File "C:\twitmonger\src\core\sessions\buffers\buffers\", line 106, in modifier args[0] = self.source.index_of(self[index]) File "C:\twitmonger\src\core\sessions\storage\buffers\", line 162, in index_of index = self.rapid_access_cache[key] KeyError: 'id'

In my testing, I found that this also happens with other (non-audio) filtered buffers.

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  1. Kevan

    Interacting with tweets is pretty much completely broken in filters. I can't reply to a tweet or excecute any other of the tweet related commands. It doesn't display correctly after I press Control+Windows+V either.

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