Speech: NVDA and SAPI5 support is broken

Issue #8 resolved
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1. Start Twitmonger with NVDA running and speech output set to "auto."
2. Wait a few seconds to ensure it loads, do ctrl-win-home and up/down arrows, you'll hear the top/bottom of buffer ding but no speech from NVDA.

Same thing happens when SAPI5 is selected in Twitmonger.

Apparently NVDA support works when running from source, though I haven't tested this myself.

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  1. Shane Davidson repo owner

    Hello; Thank you for submitting this issue to us. This can't be replicated via source, but is present in binary distributions. We're actively working on a solution and hope to have one soon.

  2. Tyler Kavanaugh

    Ahiiron, please attach your error.log file, found at %appdata%\twitmonger\error.log, to this ticket. That will give us a better understanding of the exact issue you face.

    Thanks for reporting this!


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