Speech: NVDA and SAPI5 support is broken

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Issue #8 resolved
Ahiiron created an issue

STR: 1. Start Twitmonger with NVDA running and speech output set to "auto." 2. Wait a few seconds to ensure it loads, do ctrl-win-home and up/down arrows, you'll hear the top/bottom of buffer ding but no speech from NVDA.

Same thing happens when SAPI5 is selected in Twitmonger.

Notes: Apparently NVDA support works when running from source, though I haven't tested this myself.

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  1. Shane Davidson repo owner

    Hello; Thank you for submitting this issue to us. This can't be replicated via source, but is present in binary distributions. We're actively working on a solution and hope to have one soon.

  2. Tyler Kavanaugh

    Ahiiron, please attach your error.log file, found at %appdata%\twitmonger\error.log, to this ticket. That will give us a better understanding of the exact issue you face.

    Thanks for reporting this!


  3. Ahiiron reporter

    Hi, the error.log is completely empty while Twitmonger is running, and only issues one error while exiting. Nevertheless I've attached it as requested.

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