Renaming sessions, or accounts as they're now called, doesn't work.

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Issue #9 open
Kevan created an issue


1: Press control+windows+f2 and rename the session. 2: Restart Twitmonger.

Even though the new session loads, it's like I just created it. Every setting for the session is gone. It's like I reset the thing.

The old session's folder is still in the %appdata%\twitmonger folder, and I had to copy the session.conf file to the new session's folder to get my session back.

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  1. Shane Davidson repo owner

    hello; can you provide any output in error.log?Do this by: 1. shut down twitmonger. 2. go into %appdata%\twitmonger 3. delete error.log. 4. restart twitmonger. 5. rename the account. 6. look in error.log and see if your renaming caused any errors to be logged. If so add them to this ticket. Thanks. Shane

  2. Tyler Kavanaugh

    We can't figure this out at the moment, but we are trying our best to work on it. Can you delete your error.log and twitmonger.log, then reproduce the bug and attach *both* files to the issue?

    The issue has been reassigned to me. Thanks for reporting this, and we hope to have a resolution as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your continued interest in and support of this project.

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