Python sketch compilation

This directory is full of my various Python sketches. Most of these sketches are designed to work on any system with Python installed, with the main exception being the rPi folder which is designed to work with the Raspberry Pi platform only.

These sketches are available for educational purposes only, and any damage resulting from the use of any code found here is the sole responsibility of the user.

These sketches are mostly kept up to date with the most recent version of Python, but are not guaranteed to work with the most recent version. Any changes required to make each sketch work is the responsibility of the user. This can be an excellent opportunity for the user to learn the varuous differences between the working versions of Python.

rPi folder

The rPi folder contains Python sketches designed to work with the Raspberry Pi platform and its GPIO. These sketches will not work on a standard computer system, as imported modules will not exist on systems which do not contain rPi GPIO.

Math folder

The math folder is filled with small sketches designed to exercise mathematical functions. These are mostly practice sketches, designed familiarize the user with the various math functions available through the user through Python.

Help folder

The help folder is filled with small sketch "bites" consisting of example code, each doing different things. These tiny sketches are examples of smaller code demonstrating mathematical functions, tuples, and other esoteric bits for the Python language.

Tutorial folder

The tutorial folder is full of sketches that were either designed by others or created with the help of others. It was designed to be used as a helpful tool for writing sketches in the future.


cd ~/Temp/dev/
git clone https://stillborn86@bitbucket.org/stillborn86/python.git


git init
git remote add origin https://stillborn86@bitbucket.org/stillborn86/python.git
git add *