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[svn] adding webhelpers dir

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 modules = railshelpers, railshelpers.helpers
 title = RailsHelpers
 organization = RailsHelpers
-organization_url =
+organization_url =
 blog_url =
 settings = no_about=true
            link1=/community/ Community
 from setuptools import setup, find_packages
-    name="RailsHelpers",
-    version='0.1beta',
-    description='Rails Helpers',
+    name="WebHelpers",
+    version='0.1',
+    description='Web Helpers',
 Rails Helpers is a library of helper functions intended to make writing templates in web
 applications easier. As the name indicates, these helpers have been directly ported from
 These helpers only require `Routes <>`_ to function.
-* `Development svn <>`_
+* `Development svn <>`_
     author='Ben Bangert, James Gardner',
-    url='',
+    url='',
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