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Merge presliced list changeset and update CHANGELOG.

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   - pager "onclick" argument use template string value. So, javascript code can
     use "partial_url" or "page" value or any. Backward compatibility is
+  - Add presliced list option to avoid slicing when list is already.
 * webhelpers.pylonslib:
   - is now a package.
   - The ``Flash`` class now accepts severity categories, thanks to Wichert

File webhelpers/paginate.py

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     def __init__(self, collection, page=1, items_per_page=20,
-        item_count=None, sqlalchemy_session=None, *args, **kwargs):
+        item_count=None, sqlalchemy_session=None, presliced_list=False,
+        *args, **kwargs):
         """Create a "Page" instance.
             If this parameter is not given then the paginator will count
             the number of elements in the collection every time a "Page"
             is created. Giving this parameter will speed up things.
+        presliced_list (optional)
+            Indicates whether the collection, when a list, has already
+            been sliced for the current viewing page, and thus should
+            *not* be sliced again.
         sqlalchemy_session (optional)
             If you want to use an SQLAlchemy (0.4) select object as a
             # We use list() so that the items on the current page are retrieved
             # only once. Otherwise it would run the actual SQL query everytime
             # .items would be accessed.
-            self.items = list(self.collection[self.first_item-1:self.last_item])
+            if presliced_list:
+                self.items = self.collection
+            else:
+                self.items = list(self.collection[self.first_item-1:self.last_item])
             # Links to previous and next page
             if self.page > self.first_page: