To setup the virtualenv (development environment for the web app):

install python2.7 run python setup_venv.py

To test the code:

type source /env/bin/activate to activate the virtual env you should then see: (env)username@machine:

run python serve.py and you've got a running site

the website should now run on localhost enter localhost:8080/home in the browser to get a gui

First add the extension to your .hg/hgrc:

[extensions] codereview = /path/to/lib/codereview/codereview.py

Run 'hg change' to create a CL (Change List). This will print a line like:

CL created: http://codereview.appspot.com/12345

Run 'hg mail 12345' to send an email asking to review CL 12345. Run 'hg submit 12345' commits the change after it has been reviewed. Run 'hg clpatch 12345' downloads and patches in a CL into current repository, if for example, it was created by another developer. Also, 'hg sync' must be used instead of 'hg pull' and 'hg update'.