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Filename Size Date modified Message
1.5 KB
Fix for #374 (reduce license boilerplate to a single LICENSE.txt file).
3.7 KB
Version number bump in the 2.x branch for impending release (2.3).
2.4 KB
ticket:288 changes merged into trunk, deleted httperrors branch, added assertErrorPage to CPWebCase
6.7 KB
2.x fix for #540 (signal handler). SIGTERM only in this branch (trunk does SIGHUP, too).
7.2 KB
2.x Fix for #507 (InternalRedirect? supports only absolute paths). Paths relative to request.path are now possible by omitting the leading slash from the path.
18.5 KB
2.x backport of RFC-2047 header encoding/decoding (see [1166] et al).
8.8 KB
Fix for #560 (misleading log on socket_host="") for CP 2.2 and CP 3.
6.5 KB
2.x backport of [1479] (Fix for thread locals on Jython; see and also and its responses).
3.4 KB
Bugfix in Tree if cherrypy.root is None.
12.9 KB
2.x backport of [1154] (Quick and dirty trap of log file errors.)
10.4 KB
Fix to wsgi parsing of the URI "*".
17.1 KB
Version number bump in the 2.x branch for impending release (2.3).
39.2 KB
Copied recent changes from trunk to _cpwsgiserver3.
8.7 KB
2.x backport of [1226] (new server.socket_timeout config entry).
1.4 KB
Moving visuals up one level
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