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Fix licence bit in the source code.

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  * Reads the trace.log file and presents the data in a sortable list.
  * Original author: Olivier Fabre
- * Licence: public domain
- * Uses GtkD (http://www.dsource.org/projects/gtkd) even though I'd rather not.
+ * Licence: MIT
+ * Uses GtkD (http://www.dsource.org/projects/gtkd) for the includes only.
  * Compiles with dmd -v1 and libphobos.
-//private import gtk.CellRendererText;
-//private import gtk.ListStore;
-//private import gtk.Main;
-//private import gtk.MainWindow;
-//private import gtk.MenuItem;
-//private import gtk.Widget;
-//private import gtk.MenuBar;
-//private import gtk.FileChooserDialog;
-//private import gtk.FileSelection;
-//private import gtk.ScrolledWindow;
-//private import gtk.TreeIter;
-//private import gtk.TreeView;
-//private import gtk.TreeViewColumn;
 import gtkc.gtk;
 import gtkc.gtktypes;
-//import gtkc.gobjecttypes;
 import gtkc.gobject;
 import gtkc.glib;