rwkc / README

Project RWKC

RWKC means "Robot Wants Kitty Clone". It is a collaborative project between Marc
"Lanael" Michel and Olivier "stqn" Fabre. We wanted to program a game in D
together, as an experiment, and decided to copy the gameplay elements of "Robot
Wants Kitty", the great Flash game by Mike "Hamumu" Hommel.

The original Robot Wants Kitty can be played at this address:

RWKC was programmed by Marc Michel and Olivier Fabre
Graphics by Marc Michel
Font "Comfortaa Bold" by Johan Aakerlund
Sound effects by Marc Michel and Olivier Fabre

How to build

You will need a D (v1) compiler and Derelict.
Code::Blocks is needed to open the rwkc.cbp project.
Better build instructions later...

Web site

Source code, bugtracker, wiki:


Source code released under the MIT licence. See licence_code.txt.
Data released under the CC-BY licence. See licence_data.txt.
The Comfortaa Bold.tff font is under the CC-BY-ND licence. See data/Comfortaa.txt.


Marc Michel: lanael at softhome dot net
Olivier Fabre: off at free dot fr
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