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DeploySQL is a small set of Python scripts, to automatically run SQL scripts to update a database.

Also has a script to dump database objects to disk, so that they can be searched or committed to source control.

This provides a low overhead method of keeping your SQL scripts up to date in source control.


  • create or update most database objects, such as schemas, tables, stored procedures, views, user defined functions
  • write simple CSV files to describe what SQL scripts to apply
  • only the necessary SQL scripts are applied to the database, according to the current version of the database
  • easily update multiple instances of the same database: for example in dev, in test, and then in production.
  • automatically backs up existing database objects, before updating them


  • SQL Server 2005 or higher
  • SQL Server Management Studio 2005 or 2008
  • Powershell 2.0 already installed on Windows 7

How to use

In SQL Server Management Studio: (and SQL Server 2005 or later)

1a. create a login dev with password dev123

1b. create a database devTest

1c. add user dev to the database, mapped to the login dev

2. run this script:


3. run these 2 scripts: dbo.spDatabaseVersion_GetVersion.StoredProcedure.sql dbo.spDatabaseVersion_SetVersion.StoredProcedure.sql

4. open a command line ( Start menu -> Run -> cmd )

5. run the copy script, to copy the scripts to a release location:


6. run the deploy script to apply the scripts to the database:


hint: to deploy the SQL more than once, then run this script to clear the output files (including the SQL backup): clear_output_files.bat