Facebook Aperture Exporter


This is a simple exporter plugin for Apple's Aperture. I wasn't happy with the built-in syncing Aperture 3 has, and the existing export plugin for Facebook wouldn't work for me. Plus, that author wasn't returning my emails to try and get it to work. So I wrote my own.

This repository hosts the downloads for the plugin. For the source code, more documentation and to report issues, see this repository on GitHub.

Current Features

  • Logging in and out of a Facebook account
  • Album creation with privacy and selection (where to upload the photos to)
  • High resolution photo uploads to Facebook
  • Enabled by uploading large versions to Facebook (choose an export preset that will create 2048 pixels along the largest side)
  • Option to use IPTC headline instead of caption as photo title (Issue #9)
  • Sparkle updating
  • Growl notifications

Known Limitations and Issues

  • The export progress information in the Activity panel is pretty much broken. At least you know it is still exporting.
  • The caption for a created Facebook album is not set. Still figuring out why that is the case.

Nice Features to Have

  • Choose whether to use the Title or Description from each photo to use as the photo's caption on Facebook (currently uses the title).
  • Add a tag to all uploaded photos

Usage and Installation

  1. You need OS X 10.7 (Lion) to use the latest plugin.
  2. Download the plugin from the downloads page.
  3. After downloading, put the plugin in the directory ~/Library/Application Support/Aperture/Plug-Ins/Export. If the Plug-Ins and / or Export directories do not exist, create them.
  4. If Aperture is running, restart it.
  5. Select the versions to export, choose File -> Export -> FacebookExporter...