Author Commit Message Date Builds
wups, use the right attr name
allow exclusion of fields
Dane Springmeyer
increment version in
tagging the 0.2.0 release
Dane Springmeyer
refactor of export module to support writing shapefile using native python bindings to ogr - thanks to Jared K. for reporting crashes (atm mysterious) and providing alternative code
support unicode filenames with patch from Gilles - fixes issue #12
avoid nonetype error fixing #11 - thanks gilles
fix download url
tagging the 0.1.0 release
set up for first packaged release, 0.1.0
apply fix to make sure ogr outputs the correct '.prj' file for transformed shapes (along with some code comment cleanup) - thanks Luiz Vital for finding the problem
Add mchapman to authors list for patch to
Mitch Chapman
Include views/ and templates/ when doing python install.
improve the upload code based on problems reported by Jared Kibele in issue #9
Add hobu to authors list
fix typo
Apply patch from hobu for faster trasforms - closes issue #7
fix a few attribute names no longer private after 1.1, and allow *args and **kwargs in __call__ method to fix usage in
Add templates for shape upload and fix tabs in python forms and views
Apply patch from jbronn that fixes up ogr driver and datasource syntax
Add BSD License, changelog, authors, install notes, and a
Add support for multiple geometry fields, add option to generate a README file, handle null geometries
Touchup to views readme
added more docs instead of keeping the example in shapes/ therefore deleted shapes/urls/p
remove the request param as it is unneeded, and add error catch for unicode exception
Removing ignores since they cascade (whoops) and adding missed and for the shape app
Updated README typo and fixed for clarity
Added usage notes for shape export
Code cleanup
Removed accidentally added geoadmin/project
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