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#Struthon requirements

To run Struthon the following Python environment must be installed

  • Python 2.7

  • Non-standard Python packages:


Struthon (

StruPy (

NumPy (

PyQt4 (

Matplotlib (

Unum (

xlrd (

dxfwrite (

easygui (

pyautocad (

Extra packages to make SeePy available:

SeePy (

mistune (

pillow (

svgwrite (

Extra packages to make py4structure available:

py4structure (

Extra packages to make DxfStructure available:

dxfstructure (

ezdxf (

tabulate (

mistune (

Extra packages to make Tebe writer available:

tebe (

sphinx (

rst2pdf (

docutils (

recommonmark (


There are different ways to create required Python environment.

###Installing process with Conda management system

1.Download and install Miniconda ( - choose Python 2.7

2.Run system command line (Windows command prompt or Linux terminal)

3.First make sure we have the current conda package by typing

conda upgrade conda

4.Install packages from Conda repository by typing

conda install pip numpy pillow pyqt=4.11 matplotlib=1.4

(above pyqt and matplotlib version need to be specified since conda default is pyqt5)

5.Install packages from PIPy repository by typing

pip install struthon strupy unum xlrd dxfwrite easygui pyautocad seepy mistune svgwrite py4structure dxfstructure ezdxf tabulate tebe sphinx rst2pdf docutils recommonmark

6.Clean after installation by typing

conda clean -t -p

Required Python environment has been created

7.To run Struthon main panel user interface, execute the file from ..\Miniconda\Lib\site-packages\struthon. Before you try double-clicking the file, you must change the "Open with" in the file properties - set the python.exe from ..\Miniconda directory as default. For easy run make shortcut on your system pulpit to file.

If new version of struthon, strupy, seepy, py4structure, dxfstructure or tebe package available upgrade them by typing

pip install --upgrade strupy struthon seepy py4structure dxfstructure tebe

You can see actually Conda environment package list by typing

conda list

##OS compatibility Windows and Linux tested.

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