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Couple more docstring tweaks

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 The RegistrationProfile model and especially its custom manager
 implement nearly all the logic needed to handle user registration
 and account activation, so before implementing something in a view
-or form, check here to see if they can handle it.
+or form, check here to see if they can take care of it for you.
 Also, be sure to see the note on RegistrationProfile about use of
 the ``AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE`` setting.
     Custom manager for the RegistrationProfile model.
-    The two methods defined here should be all that's needed to
-    handle account creation and activation.
+    The methods defined here provide shortcuts for account creation
+    and activation (including generation and emailing of activation
+    keys), and for cleaning out expired inactive accounts.
     def activate_user(self, activation_key):
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