django-registration-django13 / docs / index.rst

django-registration 0.8 documentation

This documentation covers the 0.8 release of django-registration, a simple but extensible application providing user registration functionality for Django-powered websites.

Although nearly all aspects of the registration process are customizable, the default setup of django-registration attempts to cover the most common use case: two-phase registration, consisting of initial signup followed by a confirmation email which contains instructions for activating the new account.

To get up and running quickly, consult the :ref:`quick-start guide <quickstart>`, which describes all the necessary steps to install django-registration and configure it for the default workflow. For more detailed information, including how to customize the registration process (and support for alternate registration systems), read through the documentation listed below.

If you are upgrading from a previous release, please read the :ref:`upgrade guide <upgrade>` for information on what's changed.


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