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-"Automatic Backups" is a plugin by Steve Cooper. 
+"Automatic Backups" is a plugin by Steve Cooper.
 When you edit text files (scripts, prose, whatever) you often find yourself
 wishing for an older version. Ever accidentally deleted a chunk from an
     `Automatic backup: backing up to d:\\backups\\C-drive\\Documents and Settings\\steve\\Application Data\\Sublime Text\\Packages\\User\\AutomaticBackupsPlugin-2008-03-22-22-22-46.py`
         ctrl+alt+[ for backwards in time
         ctrl+alt+] for forwards  in time
         If while searching through time you create a non empty selection about a
         non changing piece of text, you can use this to anchor the scroll
         It first scrolls to the same line number as the previous buffer, then
         scrolls to exactly that location.
         From there it will search for any anchor.