(Currently Windows Only)

"Automatic Backups" is a plugin by Steve Cooper.

When you edit text files (scripts, prose, whatever) you often find yourself
wishing for an older version. Ever accidentally deleted a chunk from an
important configuration file, or wished you could roll back a document a few
hours? This plugin takes a copy of every file you save and copies it into a
backup directory structure, ensuring that you NEVER lose an old version of the

Once installed, any file you save will be copied into your documents folder, eg
`<My Documents>\\Sublime Text Backups`. For example, if you change
`c:\\autoexec.bat`, you'll get a backup saved to:

    c:\\Documents and Settings\\yourUserName\\Sublime Text Backups\\c-drive\\autoexec-2008-03-22-22-22-46.bat

That end bit is the timestamp, so you can see when the file was edited.

If you want to back up your files somewhere other than your documents folder,
you can add an option. To change where all backups are made, open the
`Packages/AutomaticBackups/automatic-backups.sublime-settings` and add a line
like this to the end of the file;

    {"backup_dir" : "c:\\my files\\archive"}

To see if it's working, open the console with the `View` | `Show Console` menu
item. When you save a file, you should see a line like this, indicating that the
file has been backed up;

    `Automatic backup: backing up to d:\\backups\\C-drive\\Documents and Settings\\steve\\Application Data\\Sublime Text\\Packages\\User\\`


        ctrl+alt+[ for backwards in time
        ctrl+alt+] for forwards  in time

        If while searching through time you create a non empty selection about a
        non changing piece of text, you can use this to anchor the scroll

        It first scrolls to the same line number as the previous buffer, then
        scrolls to center on the anchor location.


    Multi Layout

    Rewind and Copy Mode

        Undo inbetween each buffer update so not to have epic long command

        A command that uses view.command_history to wind back the until buffer mods happened