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Chris Reuter
Added new files to CMakeLists.txt. Added new sources and tests to the relevant CMakeLists.txt files. NOTE: This works for me but I am not a cmake expert.
Chris Reuter
Updated Netware makefile Makefile.netware (via an AWK script) used to pull the version numbers from Since they are no longer there, '' puts them into 'configure' for Makefile.netware to find. This change makes it look there. NOTE: This has not been tested on a Netware system.
Chris Reuter
Test case for new version code. This adds a simple test case that compares the version API results against the values in src/version.h.
Chris Reuter
Moved version number to src/version.h Up to now, the version numbers were defined in and put into gd.h by generating it from, replacing the values of several C macros. This violates the DRY principle, won't work on a dumb build system, confuses some dev tools and gives the wrong version when the DLL is updated without recompiling the client. This change adds several functions to the API to return the version inf…