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Chris Reuter  committed b3dda9c

Updated Netware makefile

Makefile.netware (via an AWK script) used to pull the version numbers
from configure.ac. Since they are no longer there, 'configure.ac' puts
them into 'configure' for Makefile.netware to find. This change makes
it look there.

NOTE: This has not been tested on a Netware system.

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File netware/Makefile.netware

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 #	@echo Compiling $<
 	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c $< -o $@
-$(OBJDIR)/version.inc: ../configure.ac $(OBJDIR)
+$(OBJDIR)/version.inc: ../configure $(OBJDIR)
 	@echo Creating $@
-	@$(AWK) -f get_ver.awk $< > $@
+	@$(AWK) -f get_ver.awk $< > $@  # TODO: get version info from src/gd.h
 dist: all
 	-$(RM) -r $(OBJDIR)*