OncoRep - Oncogenomics Report ====== Summary ------ OncoRep is a **fully automated** RNA-Seq based report for patients with (breast) cancer, which includes molecular classifiaction, detection of altered genes, detection of altered pathways, identification of gene fusion events, identification of clinical actionable mutations (in coding regions) and identification of treatable target structures. Furthermore, OncoRep reports suitabale drugs based on identified actionalble targets, which can be considered in the treatment decission making process. Features: + Automated preprocessing and analysis of RNA-Seq data in the n-of-1 setting + Integration with drug databases + interactive .html report + generation of PDF based patient report (under development) ![IMAGE](https://bitbucket.org/sulab/oncorep/raw/default/src/oncorep.png) [Full Size Image](https://bitbucket.org/sulab/oncorep/raw/default/src/oncorep.png) Requirements ------ OncoRep is distributed with Omics Pipe. For more info on installation and running it check the documentation provided with Omics Pipe at [https://bitbucket.org/sulab/omics_pipe](https://bitbucket.org/sulab/omics_pipe) Contact ------ mail: meissto@scripps.edu twitter: @meissner\_t