sulu-ocaml-core / base / pa_ounit /

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
ysulsky avatarysulsky
minor fixes and stricter compile options throughout the tree
ysulsky avatarysulsky
Markus Mottl avatarMarkus Mottl
Fixed package names
ysulsky avatarysulsky
move to a unified version
ysulsky avatarysulsky
support for building packages
ysulsky avatarysulsky
upgrade to type_conv 3.0.5 and oasis 0.3
Yaron Minsky avatarYaron Minsky
Merged in bitbckt/ocaml-core (pull request #1)
Brandon Mitchell avatarBrandon Mitchell
Use /usr/bin/env bash in lieu of /bin/bash in scripts.
ysulsky avatarysulsky
clean up the build scripts, don't depend on a patched oasis
ysulsky avatarysulsky
auto export
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